Tijuana Peridontal Cleaning

Scaling and root planing or dental deep cleaning, as it is often called, is essential in the battle against gum disease. It is the first treatment provided to patients with early to advanced stages of gum disease. With the latest lasers and high precision microscopes, Dr. Ledesma offers the most advanced Tijuana periodontal deep cleanings to help  patients stop gum disease from progression and avoid tooth loss.

What Do The Procedures Entail?

Scaling and root planning are options only explored upon a thorough examination, possibly including the use of X-rays by Dr. Ledesma. Based on the condition of the gums, the amount of tartar observed in the mouth, the size of pockets, and severity of periodontal disease, Dr. Ledesma will recommend scaling and root planning accordingly.


Scaling involves the professional removal of calculus and plaque from the surface of the tooth, and is performing using a designated dental tool, an ultrasonic scaling tool. The tool is designed to target oral bacteria, and extra attention is given to the region directly below the gum line and the root.

Root Planing:

Cementum and surface dentin are removed through the process of root planing. This smoothing of the root of the teeth allows an easier healing process and helps protect against the future formation of bacteria.

Anti-microbals, mouth rinses, are often used to assist in controlling the spread of bacteria that can lead to periodontitis. When needed, Dr. Ledesma can promote healing and control future infection by inserting antibiotic fibers into the periodontal pockets directly following a scaling and planing procedure.

It is increasingly difficult to remove plaque and tartar from within teeth and gums when pockets are especially deep. For this reason, it is often necessary to seek surgical removal of the plaque, as at-home care is not sufficient in restoring periodontal health in patients with deep pockets.

Benefits of Our Tijuana Deep Cleaning Treatment

Many periodontal benefits come from the successful completion of scaling and planing. First, the processes protect against future disease. By removing bacteria that could eventually flow to the rest of the body, potential conditions such as heart and respiratory disease are prevented.

Next, scaling and planing protects against tooth loss. There is a higher rate of developing periodontal disease if gum pockets are larger than 3mm, as bacteria becomes increasingly congregated and causes the destruction of gingival and bone tissue. Eventually, if left untreated, this will cause teeth to fall out.

Lastly, scaling and root planing can give patients a more beautiful smile, and thereby increase their confidence. Besides looking more aesthetically pleasing, the processes are useful for reducing bad breath and getting rid of tooth stains that were previously prevalent.

Schedule A Tijuana Periodontal Cleaning

If you suffer from mild to moderate gum disease, you may be a good candidate for a periodontal cleaning in our Tijuana office. Patients with severe gum disease may benefit from alternative treatments. To find out which treatment is right for you, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation at Aesthetic Smiles Studio!

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