Tijuana Periodontal Plastic Surgery

In addition to treating periodontal disease, Dr. Ledesma is also a specialist in Tijuana cosmetic procedures of the gums, commonly referred to as “periodontal plastic surgery”. This is intended to enhance your smile, but patients who pursue cosmetic procedures notice improved function as well. With many years of experience and extensive training with cosmetic gum treatments, Dr. Ledesma has been recognized as a leading provider of periodontal plastic surgery in Tijuana.  

Cosmetic periodontal surgical procedures are a dependable way of hiding unsightly, exposed, and sensitive root surfaces and to protect against a receding gum line. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, Dr. Ledesma offers many combinations of surgical procedures designed specifically for each patient’s cosmetic concerns.

Even if teeth appear short upon sight, they may be a proper length and be covered by an excess of gum tissue. With the use of crown lengthening, a periodontal plastic surgery procedure that reshapes extra gum and bone tissue to uncover more of a patient’s natural tooth, a beautiful smile can be restored. The procedure can be done to both teeth and your gum line to ensure a natural looking smile.

Furthermore, a soft tissue graft can be used to hide unsightly tooth roots, reduce the presence of a receding gum line, and protect roots from decay.

An unnatural indentation can become apparent after a receding jawbone is exposed by tooth loss. Bone grafting is utilized to preserve the ridge and socket of the gum and to limit bone loss.

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Our team has performed many different Tijuana periodontal plastic surgeries and instilled confidence back into many of our happy patients. We develop creative and innovative solutions for our patients to give you the exact look that you want. Whether you’d like a small change or a bigger transformation, trust in our compassionate team of experts to give you confidence back in your smile.  Contact our office to setup a consultation!

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